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Aleeza Lynn

Singer/Songwriter (Germany)


Aleeza Lynn from Bremen sings and plays the guitar very nearly her whole life. Her songs are snapshots, finds from the wayside collected at different places: Indonesia, Bremen, New Zealand, Münster – then stored, nursed, polished and finally released. Her music accompanies her on the ways to find her very own sound. Influences from folk are as present as electronic elements. After she won Songcheck in Osnabrück Aleeza Lynn was looking for companions in Bremen. Martin Denzin and André Hubert are now on her side on concerts. Her songs develop a fascinating life of their own and her voice is much more than simply a means of transportation for her songs. She affects you and leaves marks.

Dates on the Breminale 2017
  1. Wed, 05 July / 19:00h

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