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Glintshake are a remarkable band. Driven by the twin forces of singer and guitarist Ekaterina (Katya) Shilonosova and guitarist Yevgeni (Jenya) Gorbunov, and propelled by a fearsome rhythm section in Yegor Sargsyan and Alexey Yevlano, this Moscow-based five piece make intelligent and forward-thinking rock music with a breathtaking skill and verve.

An incredibly charismatic and experienced live act, if still something of a secret outside Russia, Glintshake’s sound is one of driving rhythms and chiming guitar duels fuelled by an unquenchable appetite for sonic experiment and risk, plus a humour and wit that need no translation.



Termine auf der Breminale 2019
  1. Mi, 03. Juli / 19:45 Uhr

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